No one is powerless

In this harrowing companion novel to Ellisa Barr’s book, Outage, the devastating effects of an EMP attack are experienced all over again, only this time the story unfolds on a cruise ship far out to sea.

Sena Morgan has just begun the voyage of a lifetime, but she’ll never reach her destination. A terrorist-launched EMP destroys the ship’s power and communication systems and starts a fire onboard, leaving thousands of passengers stranded in the cold, northern Pacific.  As food and water dwindle, strangers with a deadly secret are brought aboard the ship. Sena’s only hope of survival is to get as far from them as possible, but at sea there’s nowhere to run.

Sena meets a couple trying to get home to their daughter in a small town in Washington. Together they will face unspeakable challenges as they try to reunite with their families despite a terrifying new reality.

Written for all fans that love apocalypse stories, Voyage is a Young Adult survival novel that mixes an action packed story with themes of family, hope, and determination.


Books I recommend

I'll be adding more of my own work as quickly as I can, but in the meantime, here are some of my favorite books that you may enjoy too.


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Survival Gear I Recommend

Here are a few survival type items that I have and use.  I won the Prescott bag in a giveaway (I'm so excited, I actually won something!) and the rest of these are things that I bought and love.  At some point I will get my blog going and write up my experiences with them.

Sun Oven by SOI

I was really fortunate to buy a Sun Oven this winter as part of a group order organized by my church.  It's a little pricy, but so worth it.  I was able to make a pasta sauce in it on a sunny day in February, so I know it will work year-round.  Not only is this perfect for emergencies, it will also be great this summer when it's too hot for cooking in the oven.  I plan to try baking regular bread and banana bread in it soon (inspired by scenes from Outage, of course!) and will post an update on how they turn out.

Prescott Bag from ZquaredAway

I won this in a Rafflecopter give-away at The design is ingenious and durable.  There are multiple layers of fire resistant materials, and the top of the bag folds over several times so the opening is secure too.  The handles are a nice touch, so it would be easy to grab in an evacuation situation. 

Portable Solar Charger by Instapark

This may be the most utilized (and favorite) item in our survival gear.  It's a solar panel that folds flat to about the size of an iPad.  It has 2 USB ports and I use it on camping trips and long drives to charge our devices.  Apart from an EMP type situation, I'm sure this would be our go-to piece of equipment in a real emergency, because we could keep our phones charged and stay in touch and informed.


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