February 22, 2014

I have been writing a little bit every day this week.  400-800 words usually.  Today is Saturday and I woke up and have been working on it for several hours and I'm making great progress.  I reached the REAL 50,000 words mark a little while ago! 

I've got a couple thousand words to go on the climax, and maybe another for the wrap-up at the end.  If I don't get too many interruptions I could probably finish the rough draft by the end of today or tomorrow! 

I gave myself a forced deadline by entering the book in a contest that requires a 50K book by March 4th.  That doesn't give me nearly as long as I should probably take on edits, but it's giving me the motivation I need to soldier through these last chapters and get the book sent out.  I should hopefully have time for a first round of edits before the submission deadline.  I still don't know exactly how it's going to end, but by this time tomorrow night I will.  It's very exciting to be so close.  :)