November 19, 2013 (Major spoilers)

I made it to the halfway point last night – 25,000 words, yay!  That's slightly behind pace, and I started off a little slow too so I've got some catching up to do, but overall I'm pleased to still be trucking along on this. 

I'm right in the middle of a place that's been giving me some trouble – rescuing Mason from town.  When I sent Hyrum and Dee in to get the truck I had no idea they were going to find Mason and that I was about to learn a whole lot more about his character.  What a surprise for me too.  I knew they'd find a little boy but I didn't know he'd be Mason's little brother.  And then, Mason's step-dad makes an appearance too??  That was a true ah-ha moment for me.  I had no idea who his step-dad was, and only had the vague idea that Mason came from an abusive home.  Making that connection really tightened up all of the motivations for Mason's actions (for me, anyway). 

Now I'm struggling trying to build up the suspense and the reveals of the scene at the church.  I probably just need to blast through it and then go back and deal with improvements in re-writes.  Since it's nanowrimo, I also consider word count a lot, which probably wouldn't normally be so important.