Scribd Free Trial Link!

GET A TWO MONTH FREE TRIAL! I recently converted my free Scribd ebook trial to a monthly subscription because I was using it so much.  I love it!

Sign up for a free 60 day free trial to Scribd

My favorite thing is their audiobook library.  I've listened to ERAGON, THE SELECTION series and THE RAVEN BOYS series so far.  This month they changed their audiobook service so I only get 1 free audiobook/month, but it's still worth it, thanks to the thousands of books from major publishers and self-publishers I can read free as part of my subscription.  

The books and audiobooks they carry are more to my taste than Amazon's Kindle Unlimited program, and I think it's a better deal than Audible's program.

Scribd has apps for your PC, Android, and Apple devices. You won’t be able to use it on a device that is only an ereader, but they’ve got you covered for your tablet and your phone.  My favorite way to listen to a book at home is to download it on WiFi and play it over my Bluetooth speaker while I clean the kitchen or make dinner.

To get the Scribd free trial, just click here and give them your information. You will have to give them either a Paypal address or your credit card at the time you sign up, so remember to make a note about when you need to cancel if you decide not to continue a subscription. It is easy to cancel by accessing your account and choosing “Order History” in the Account section. There will be a link to unsubscribe at the bottom of the page.

Let me know if you would be interested in reading my series on Scribd!  I haven't ever published through them so I'm not sure how difficult it is, but if there's enough interest I will figure it out.