June 6th -- 1,000 Copies Sold

At a little after 10am this morning California time, the 1,000th copy of Outage was sold.  Yay!!  The book has been out a little over 3 weeks, so this is a huge milestone for me, and very humbling.  I'm grateful that so many of you have chosen to pick up my book and read it.  I love hearing that you're enjoying it and that it's helping you think more about being prepared.  When I started this process last November I didn't have a clue that 8 months later, more than a thousand copies would be out in the world.  So amazing.

Today is June 6th, and I've finally caught the blog up, yay!  Now I can write about some other things besides how Outage came to be, like books I think you might like or authors I recommend.  I also want to share some neat survival products I've tried, and I'm definitely going to write a post about cooking zucchini bread in my solar oven.

If you're just joining me here, and would like to read some of the journal entries I wrote as I went through the process of writing Outage, I copied them into blog posts and you can read them in order.  Here's a link to the first entry on the blog:  Outage is Born