The Big Day: May 13th

May 13th, a little before midnight, was the day I hit publish on Amazon.  It took until the next morning before it was available.  I didn't tell anyone I'd launched the book that day because I wanted to make sure everything looked okay.  Good thing, too, because I could NOT get the formatting to look good on Barnes & Noble's site, and I couldn't figure Apple out at all that first day.  THEN, Amazon decided to combine the free preview and the full novel into one listing, so it looked like you could get it for free.  Man, what a day.  Just remember that if you think it's going to go perfectly, you are probably wrong.  Give yourself some time to recover and get things right before you send a bunch of people to buy your book.

On May 14th I wrote up an announcement and sent it out to my mailing list and told everyone on Facebook.  I have such nice and supportive friends and family, and between them and my mailing list I sold 90 copies on that first day and 59 on the second.  That was enough sales to help me reach my all-time high on Amazon's ranking:  #2,147.  So exciting!!

Sales slowed down until day 6 which was my low so far:  16 copies that day.  After that, things picked up and have been slowly, but steadily increasing.  My best day (apart from the first day) I sold 70 copies!  The other retailers have been harder to break into, but I've sold a handful on Google and BN, plus a couple on Apple.