Results of Free Preview

Once I got the cover finished I was ready to send my book out into the world.  I don't know yet who I'm writing this blog for, but right now since it's mainly for me to help me remember how Outage came about, let me share a few numbers about the free preview.  It was distributed for 5 weeks before I published the full length novel.  Here are my results from that:  

  • Free downloads after 3 weeks: 627  //  After 5 weeks:  ~1500
  • Facebook likes after 3 weeks: 1  //  After 5 weeks:  5
  • Mailing list signups after 3 weeks: 9  //  After 5 weeks:  92
  • Visitors to my website after 3 weeks: 118 unique visitors  //  After 5 weeks:  over 500 unique visitors
  • Amazon reviews after 3 weeks: 4  //  After 5 weeks: 7

A couple of notable things happened to give those numbers a boost - a link to the preview was distributed in a free book newsletter.  That generated about 700 free downloads in one day.  I didn't know what had happened at first, it was like Christmas.  :)  Second, I won a raffle for a really neat fireproof bag/cover on a popular survival blog, and both the blogger and the owner of the fireproof company mentioned my website.  This boosted my mailing list sign-ups like crazy.

I mentioned in a previous post that the lessons I learned from creating and publishing the free preview were absolutely priceless.  Even if I hadn't gotten so many mailing list sign-ups and free downloads, it would have been worth it, just for the experience I gained.